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Sonnia Dettmer

Sonnia Dettmer’s career as a jewellery designer had its genesis far away from her German homeland: extended stays in Japan, the USA, England and Spain put her in contact with a rich array of cultural influences that would inform and inspire her design. It was in 1990, while on a sailing trip, that her years of experience working in fashion, art and design coalesced with inspiration from the sea, and she decided to launch her own line of fine jewellery.

The maritime origin of Sonnia’s jewellery is evident even today; her passion for the unique beauty of the ocean’s treasures is plain to see. Sonnia uses coral, pearls and shells as defining features of her creations with a sharp eye for beauty and a flawless artistic sensibility. Even the SONNIA logo reflects the sea: two waves in perfect symbiosis, forming an “S” for SONNIA.

The SONNIA collection shows at exclusive jewellery exhibitions throughout Europe, and has earned an international reputation over the years.
The Alpine resort of Merano, located in northern Italy, has been home to Sonnia’s studio and showroom since 2005. Here she receives clients directly at her private showroom, where she customizes pieces and helps each individual find a unique aesthetic expression.

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