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SONNIA jewellery is timeless. And, above all, each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Sonnia draws artistic inspiration from her long-standing fascination with shells. Through her design process she gives each of these miniature works of art its own new context, its own “platform” if you will.

Sonnia loves to see all of us enjoying and appreciating the beauty of these natural gems, thus exalted – not only in summer and on the beach, where they are expected to be seen, but also in an urban context, during the winter, worn with elegant eveningwear. Bold. Striking. A celebration of Mother Nature’s treasures.

Another reason that Sonnia loves shells is that no two are alike. This also goes for women. SONNIA creations are designed to underline this individuality.


SONNIA is wholly committed to the use of natural materials. She therefore sources her precious stones and coral exclusively from vendors that can guarantee the sustainable use of all natural resources.
SONNIA approaches her raw materials in this way not because it is trendy to do so, but rather because sustainability forms the philosophical basis of her company concept.

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