SONNIA's creations are individual but at the same time timeless. It is not uncommon for them to accompany their wearer for a lifetime.

SONNIA is aimed at self-confident women who are looking for unique, high-quality jewelry that underlines and expresses their personality in all its beauty.
The designer is convinced that jewelry should primarily bring joy and underline the self-confidence of the wearer.

Sonnia Dettmer is a passionate jewelry designer. She loves nature, its precious treasures and especially the wealth of shapes and the beauty of the shells, these wonderful treasures of the sea. SONNIA makes this tangible in her creations and pieces of jewellery so that you think you can hear the sound of the sea and breathe in the fresh sea air. In the design process, she gives these miniature works of art their own context, a new “platform”.

Wearable not only in summer or on the beach, where they are expected, but also in urban surroundings, in winter, worn with elegant evening wear. A statement. Bold. Noticeable.
A celebration of Mother Nature's treasures.


SONNIA loves nature and it is very important to her to protect and preserve it.
It therefore obtains its materials such as gemstones and corals exclusively from trading partners who guarantee the sustainable use of natural resources.

For SONNIA this is not a trend, but the basis of their business concept and an expression of their closeness to nature.