Setting trends instead of following them' has been the creative approach of jewellery designer SONNIA DETMMER for three decades now.

SONNIA has developed a special design style and shaped SONNIA DESIGN JEWELLERY into a globally appreciated brand.
SONNIA's designer jewellery is unique and handmade. Her creations are bold mixes of pearls, corals, shells, precious stones set in white gold, yellow gold or sterling silver.

They reflect sensuality and joie de vivre as well as freedom and individuality. The wealth of shapes and colours of the sea has played just as great a role in SONNIA DETTMER's life as in her work as a jewellery designer.
SONNIA's passion for jewellery design and for working with the colours and treasures of the sea can be seen in her jewellery collections.

And SONNIA's logo also reflects the sea: two waves in perfect symbiosis, forming an "S" for SONNIA.

Hailing from Northern Germany, SONNIA discovered her love for the sea and the beauties of the sea during a sailing trip. During her career, she lived and worked in Japan, the United States, England, Spain and France, among other places. Since the beginning of the 2000s, SONNIA has made Merano her centre of life. At this crossroads of cultures, SONNIA runs her studio and welcomes visitors to her elegantly furnished showroom.

SONNIA's eye for arrangements, for the special and the beautiful, brought her success at exclusive jewellery shows all over Europe. She achieved international fame.

SONNIA advises her clients sensitively, discreetly, and individually. Extraordinary, self-confident women from all over the world who are inspired by the beauty and magic of the sea in SONNIA's jewellery.

Each piece of SONNIA jewellery is an individual creation.
SONNIA's CLASSIC COLLECTION is colourful and timeless.
Her SEA BAUTIES "For he love of shells" suggest the sound of the sea and the fresh air of the sea.
The FLOWER COLLECTION is pure summer, with flowers in mother-of-pearl and gold edged.
The TASSEL necklaces are eye-catchers for a personal look. A statement look, made in the colours and lengths of your choice.
The LIMITED EDITION consists of extravagant favourite pieces for special occasions. Feminine, seductive, elegant.
And in the ALPINE LUXURY - Collection SONNIA skilfully combines Mediterranean and Alpine lifestyle.